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Trans Support Group

Purpose Statement:
The Trans Support Group is a peer-led social network that seeks primarily to combat the loneliness and isolation often felt by trans people and those journeying with them. This is not a professionally-run support group. Collectively, the Group can provide support, referrals to resources, and a place of ‘community,’ for individuals who are transgender, including gender non-conforming, non-binary, and other gender minorities.
The group aims to provide a supportive environment for people to convey their gender expression in a safe, closed space. In order to do so we require, confidentiality and respect for individuals, their choices, pronouns, names, and personal expression.

Group Meetings:
The group gathers once or twice a month, is open to ages 18 and over, and meets at McKillop United Church (2329 15 Ave S in Lethbridge, Alberta). Meeting times can be found on our event page.

Group Guidelines and Responsibilities:

  • Confidentiality - everything shared in the group is confidential and is not to leave the room. Individuals are responsible for any conversations held with other group members outside of the designated group.
  • Respect – show respect for individuals, their choices, pronouns, names, and expressions.
  • Don't Give Unsolicited Advice - this group is to share emotions and experiences, not unsolicited advice.
  • Responsibility - all members share the responsibility to make the group work.
  • Keep Discussions on Topic - members should be mindful of limited time and give each person time to speak without interruptions and avoid side conversations.
  • Sharing - sharing is encouraged, but not required.
  • Questions - group members have the right to ask questions and the right to refuse to answer.
  • Duty to Report– if group members disclose an intent of imminent harm to themselves or others, facilitators are legally obligated to contact relevant authorities. Facilitators will also provide contacts for other crisis supports.
  • Substance Free – meetings are drug and alcohol free.

Facilitator Guidelines and Responsibilities:

  • Group discussions will regularly be led by facilitators who fall under the trans umbrella and are endorsed by the OUTreach Southern Alberta board.
  • Facilitators are to keep discussions on topic to ensure group time is productive.
  • Facilitators will help guide, as group members solve issues when possible. Facilitators are not equipped to provide solutions.
  • Facilitators will not engage in romantic or sexual relationships with group members.
  • Facilitators maintain the right to require an individual or individuals to leave, or to suspend the person(s), from attending group meetings and/or the location during meeting times, in order to protect the safety, confidentiality, and/or productivity of the group and its’ members.

OUTreach Board Guidelines and Responsibilities:

  • The OUTreach Board is ultimately responsible for the Trans Support Group program.
  • The Board will handle any breaches of Guidelines and Responsibilities in any manner deemed appropriate and / or necessary.
  • The Board will annually review the success and viability of the Program.